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ARC INTERNATIONAL remains faithful to its territory

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


 Since its creation in 1825, Arc International, world leader in tableware, seeks to reconcile economic, social responsibility and environmental demands. To confront two major crises in 2004 and 2009, Arc International undertook major strategic modifications while integrating CSR in its restructuring. Its teams are actively engaged in the revitalization of the Saint-Omer area alongside political and economic actors.


  •  Zero forced redundancies
  •  Accompany each volunteer employee in the finalization of his/her project


An internal dynamic around: 1. Employee training 
Implementation of collective training programs for qualification or diplomas in anticipation of the reconversion of the personnel for related job sectors: (41 in 2011). Example: assistance to Vie aux Familles (ADVF), Chauffeurs Routiers, etc.More than 40,000 hours devoted each year to training for certification, qualification or diplomas necessary to the transformation of the enterprise.Average training budget: 3.5 % of salary mass. 2. Social accompaniment: mobility employment forum
Deployment of an internal mobility employment forum entirely dedicated to the accompaniment, reconversion and mobility of the personnel (3 full time employees), in synergy with the 10 Human Resources managers at the site and the training team (10 employees). 3. Revitalization: arrival of new enterprises and creation of employment- Contracting of several revitalization conventions with the authorities- Third-party agency contracted to attract new economic activities for employment in relation with the authorities, the Chamber of Commerce, Saint Omer Development and local partners to promote the external reclassification of excess personnel.- Diagnostic on collective employability – Provisional Management of Territorial Employment and Skills on 5 employment zones in partnership with ARC International, the DIRRECT Pas-de-Calais and the AFPA.Organization in 3½  years of more than 30 internal events and forums on employment, training and reconversion with enterprises in need of qualified personnel, training organisms and public entities  (Employment Pole, professional sectors, etc.)Arc International’s ambition to be a force for revitalization:- 5 persons dedicated full time- Regular and permanent investment in industrial plant and equipment: 59 million euros invested at the site of Arques in 2011 and 2012. Best practice awarded by the Trophées de l'Economie Responsable 2012. 


  •  Return to profitability  in 2011: operating profit of 24 million €
  •  On the site of Arcques : More than 50% of Group production executed at this site, including high-technology products, Group Technology and  R&D centers
  • National Enterprise Trophy for Professional Reconversion awarded by the AFPA in 2012



  • Over 10 years, improved skills on all levels of qualification. Example: qualified and highly qualified workers went from 42 to 72%.
  • No forced redundancies
  • Training and mobility:
                                  1 211 000 hours of training
                                  1272 persons accompanied
  • Revitalization:
                                  21 new enterprises assisted                                  1100 jobs created and 500 in development


104, avenue du Général de Gaulle
62510 ARQUES


Caroline BARBIER, Responsable Développement Durable Groupe - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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