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BAYER HEALTHCARE facilitates the parenting challenges faced by its employees

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals (BHP) is one of four subsidiaries operating under the Bayer Santé SAS holding company. BHP is ranked among the world's leaders in specialized medicines. The Bayer motto, "Science for a Better Life", reflects a strong drive to balance ecological and social activities with economic imperatives.


  •  Develop a labor relations policy in line with the company's business focus
  •  Better harmonize private life and professional life


Instrumental in developing the contraceptive pill, Bayer Santé has contributed to changing society's mindset regarding women's roles. In line with its business philosophy, the company has adopted a parental policy that enhances the well-being of employees while promoting a fair balance between private life and professional life:

  • Flexible work schedules during pregnancy
  • Reserved parking spots for soon-to-be mothers
  • Special authorizations allowing the father-to-be to attend medical exams scheduled for the baby's mother
  • A "Cocooning" accompaniment: As part of a leave dedicated to maternity, adoption or full-time education for a parent. This specific type of personnel accompaniment is intended to better define the professional project, in preparing for the arrival of a child at home and the employee's return to work.
  • The guarantee of benefiting from average salary increases and bonuses / commissions
  • No negative repercussions on the career path.
  • A "Stay-at-Home Dad" benefit to help male employees fully embrace their new role as father by offering, among other things, classes in child care, personal development or shared family activities with mother and child, such as baby-gym sessions and baby swimming lessons.
  •  Telecommuting, part-time schedules, reasonable meeting times, days off to tend to sick kids, paternal leave with a contribution from Bayer.

Everyone is keenly aware of the Sustainable Development rationale through e-learning training in conjunction with incentive-based contracts.


  •  Motivation and sense of belonging.


  •  40 mothers receiving accompaniment
  •  2 women named to the Executive Committee (10 members total)
  •  Sustainable Development Director with a seat on the Executive Committee
  •  14% of employees working part time
  •  50 employees benefiting from telecommuting
  •  Fathers using their paternity leave
  •  Initiation of the "Stay-at-Home Dad" program.
441 M euros (2010)

BAYER SANTE - Division Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

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