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BOUYGUES TELECOM proposes a green and responsible telecommunications offer to its clients

6. Clients and consumers



Bouygues Telecom, a subsidiary of the Bouygues group aims to provide practical solutions to major environmental problems caused by the use of mobile phones within companies.


Assisting companies in their environmental efforts through a multi-faceted incentive program:

  • Offer Eco-Responsible Mobile Phones:  eco-designed mobiles, smart chargers
  • Incentives to keep the phones longer
  • Phone recycling at the end of product life


In 2008, the company had already offered consumers "green" phones at low prices: natural and recyclable materials, a more efficient charger (94% less energy), reduced packaging. Yet customers still tended to focus their spending on only technical qualities of their mobile phones.

In 2009, Bouygues Telecom created an eco-responsible offer for businesses but also for individuals, entitled "Eco Amplitude.” This offer is accompanied by an incentive program: free mobile conferencing service, unlimited calls to landlines, free universal solar charger. Through EcoAct, the operator assumes the responsibility to compensate for the CO2 emissions for the lifecycle of all mobile phones with a subscription. This compensation is calculated from the emissions produced by mobile phone from production to recycling and is used to fund programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries. Moreover, the proposed subscription is 15% cheaper than their classic Amplitude offer.

At the same time, Bouygues Telecom offers a mobile case with organic halogen-free components, lead-free soldering, and recycled cardboard packaging.


  •  Improved corporate image
  •  Market repositioning
  •  Increased sales to be expected along with raised consumer awareness on environmental issues


  •  Waste/Pollution reduction linked to the use of environmentally friendly materials and recyclable phones
  • Indirect effect on reducing CO2 emissions related to the free and unlimited conference calls offer
  • Funding for programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


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