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Caring for the fragile youth through food with the two AUCHAN FOUNDATIONS

7. Community involvement



The two Auchan Retail France foundations make common cause: The Auchan Youth Foundation under the auspices of the Fondation de France, is aimed at a young audience.  The corporate foundation ''the taste of   sharing ''   targets projects related to feeding. It is therefore quite natural that they will accompany the fragile youth  by supporting  associative projects   aimed at improving their health, their well-being.


  • Supporting 100 projects and non-profit organization for 2018


The  Auchan Youth Foundation and 'the taste of sharing' will  support solidarity projects and/or  social integration in connection with feeding in favor of children, adolescents and young adults aged 5 to 25 years and implemented in the cities and neighborhoods of Auchan, Auchan Supermarket and Simply Market sites.

The candidate structures will act in the field of:

  • health and nutrition

example:   discovering or regaining the pleasure of eating fresh and balanced products, informing and training   about the balance of food, good nutrition ...


  •  the social bond

example:   create or recreate social,   intergenerational and intercultural bonds, share a meal prepared together,   place   food in the heart of "living together" ... 


  • access to food

example: allow a better diet for the most deprived,  organise culinary workshops, food distributions, support the solidarity groceries ...


  • access to employment

example: encourage the professional integration of young people without training, facilitate  training in integration structures (market gardens, caterers, restaurants).


Since 1996, the Auchan Foundation has supported 915 projects from more than 600 associations in 11 countries. Some have been assisted on a number of occasions by putting their actions and partnerships with the stores in the long run. More than 250,000 young people were able to benefit from the support of the Auchan Youth Foundation accompanied by   50,000 employees.

Since its creation in 2009, "the taste of sharing" Foundation has supported 207 solidarity projects and social integration in connection with food.

The projects all take place in a very close proximity to a  supermarket  to  enable the employees share their Know-how, often in the form of skills sponsorship.


The projects promote social bonds, health and nutrition, access to food or employment integration

60 570 (2014)
16.2 milliards € TTC (2014)

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