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CONSULADO DA MULHER (WOMEN’S CONSULATE INSTITUTE) empowers equality in Brazil by helping women to reach an improved social position

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Consulado da Mulher, a community organization which assists 155 enterprises by promoting entrepreneurship for low-income women. The institute uses education as a leverage to eradicate poverty and promote gender equality in Brazil.

Created 15 years ago, the institute counts now 31 volunteers covering different areas in South America.


  • Promote gender equality in South America
  • Use Education to empower the lives of low-income women 
  • Promote Entrepreneurial and employment skills
  • Provide women with confidence to gain autonomy
  • Create a women community to support each other and be strong together
  • Teach women to generate income 
  • Provide entrepreneurial knowledge.


The Institute has developed the Entrepreneurship Management Methodology to be used as a guide by educators and partners of the institute to perform business analysis and to set the action plan related. From the beginning to the very end, the program provides : 


  • Support in the creation of business (Development of a Business Plan): The consulate works with women and gives them knowledge; they bring education into the real life (i.e How to put a price on a product) 
  • Training in technical and administrative processes
  • Courses in specific areas of business: marketing, Sales, How to make good clients, distribution channels 
  • Appliances as a means of production especially, “hand in hand” for 2 or 3 years


Following those steps, the consulate ensures the understanding of these women as well as their needs. They respect their environment (i.e: majority of them go home after work to intend other duties such as taking care of their house and their children) 

Having more than 34,000 women who have followed the program, the consulate is working to develop a connected community by stimulating collective talks between women who finished the program with ones who are starting it. Because the oldest women are now entrepreneurs they are not interested in working for the consulate  but they do intervene on a volunteer basis (for conferences or specific classes).

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Relive the intervention of  Leda BÖGER from CONSULADO DA MULHER : "Education to meet the Sustainable Development Goals" during the WFRE17.


Methodology certified by the Banco do Brasil Foundation (In 2009 and 2011)

On average 60% increase of companies incomes

Total Revenue for companies: $7,1M (2016)


Increase revenue in the household: raise in the living standard

Woman emancipation: independence.

31 volunteers
53,409 BRL (=$16,722) (2016):


Leda Böger

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