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EASI’s employees’ happiness is a performance factor.

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Founded in 1999 in Belgium, EASI develop programs, smartphone applications and cloud solutions for companies. EASI’s founder, Salvatore Curaba was a football player. He created the company with management practices from the values learned in football: trust, taste of effort, sharing, transparency, humility.


  • The priority is the happiness of his employees 
  • Transform the investment in the human capital, a long term strategy
  • Permit to the employees to manage the company
  • Give responsibility in purposing of becoming a shareholder of the company at all the employees


For Salvatore Curaba happiness and well-being are two different concepts. 

In many companies there are chill rooms, games centers and very good catering service. To him, happiness goes far beyond that. He doesn’t want to only meet the basic needs of employees. He wants to meet much deeper needs as the need for recognition, freedom, and transparency, the need to continue a mission and to be loved.

For that, he set up in place two concepts named “best practices”:

  • He wants his company manages by his proper employees, on the long term. There are currently 41 employee’s shareholders over 170. 
  • EASI doesn’t hire managers from outside of the company. Employees have evolved within the company.

He said: “I prefer the happiness of my employees to the happiness of my customers. Because if employees are happy, then customers will be too.”


  • The “presenteeism” rate in the company in 2016 was 99.2% which increases the productivity of human capital and thus affect the economic results of the company
  • The investment in human capital becomes profitable as long as employees stay in the company.
  • The impact is also positive in terms of communication for the company. To be considered "Best Place to Work" is also an important value to customers, consumers and investors.
  •  In 2015, EASI is elected “best place to work” in Belgium and 8th in Europe


Trust is in the center of the management system.

170 salariés


Avenue Robert Schuman 12
1401 Nivelles


Salvatore CURABA Fondateur et Managing DIRECTOR EASI

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