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ECL (Rio Tinto Alcan Group) launches "Save Our Watts"

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


The French company ECL (Electrical, Carpentry, lifting), founded in 1947, entered the aluminum industry in 1955, joined the Canadian group Alcan in 2003 and Rio Tinto Alcan in 2007, the global leader in aluminum.  As part of the group's commitment to the Environment, Health and Safety (ESS), employees are encouraged to propose ideas, act and share best practices.


  •   Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  •   Reduce Energy consumption and improve heating / comfort in workshops
  •   Change consumer behavior


The best practice "Save Our Watts" was started in 2004 at ECL Ronchin (Northern France).
The pilot project was launched and supported by the steering committee and accompanied by various company departments. A communication plan (choice of a logo, email, display) was introduced to employees with incentives for small actions: instructions (eg turn off pc, lights), consumption readings with weekly measurement of savings, raises, etc.

The project also drew on ideas tested elsewhere discovered at trade shows, conferences, and experts. ECL invested between 2004 and 2008 to remove four oil-fired boilers and negotiate new contracts for city gas. They used software for pinpoint temperature management, and improved comfort and air conditioning.
The suggestion box (BAI) on the intranet allows employees to be able to report ECL anomalies and progressive ideas. The results are measured and displayed. (eg in 2008, of 55 selected ideas at the Ronchin site 16 were implemented)
Beyond this experience, ECL has experienced exchange workshops with assistance on best practices across institutions.



  •   Electricity savings (test day in 2004, -15%)
  •   Energy savings (electricity and gas) are 550,000 € on the site in 2007 and 2008:
  •   10% electricity consumption in workshops and head office while the activity increased by 10%; -15% gas thanks to the management system
  •   Employee motivation and pride
  •   Image towards customers and partners


  •   Less greenhouse gas emissions
  •   Exemplary in the group
  •   Responsible citizen behavior inside and outside the workplace

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