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Eco-design to limit the environmental footprint of TAPE A L'OEIL

4. Environment


Founded in 1996, Tape à l'œil is a French brand of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for children. Aware of current societal and environmental issues, Tape à l'œil has an active and committed CSR approach towards "consuming better, producing better, managing better".
Since it started to move towards more responsible fashion, Tape à l'œil has been working on collections of eco-designed items with the Eco-Design label.


  • Create a more responsible product offering

  • Reduce their environmental impact

  • Preserve natural resources

  • Be more transparent with customers


The textile industry is particularly demanding in terms of natural resources and energy. To limit its impact on the environment, Tape à l'œil is careful to limit its consumption of resources dedicated to the design of its products.
45% of its Winter 21 collections have the Eco-Design label, recognizing the use of biosourced raw materials and the use of a less polluting production method.

The collections are made from more environmentally friendly raw materials such as organic cotton, more responsible viscose (tencel®, lyocell®) and recycled fibers.

The cultivation of organic cotton has the merit of consuming less fertilizer and GMOs, but also of polluting the water less. Moreover, when bleached without chlorine, organic cotton is non-allergenic.

As for responsible viscose, it is produced from wood pulp from responsible forests and transformed into textile fiber through chemical processes that are more respectful of the environment.

Also, Tape à l'oeil uses manufacturing processes that require less water and energy, such as low impact denim or lesswater denim, which reduces the amount of water used in the finishing process by at least 50% compared to a conventional wash.

Today, 95% of the brand's T-shirts, 80% of its pajamas and underwear, and the majority of its sweatshirts are made from organic cotton. The same is true for baby clothes and accessories. Many products are also made from recycled fibers and Tencel.


  • 45% of products with the Eco-Design label by winter 2021

  • +15% of products labeled each year for the past 4 years

  • Creation of a more sustainable offer: better quality, more resistant products


  • Reduction of water consumption, energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions

  • Use of low-impact resources (organic cotton, recycled fibers, etc.)

  • Improved customer satisfaction
746 (2018)
172 M€ (2019)

Tape à l oeil

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