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GROUP EDHEC's social policy towars its students

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


EDHEC Business School was founded in Lille in northern France in 1906. It currently has 7,000 students and five campuses (Lille, Paris, Nice, London and Singapore). In order to enhance access to its programmes to students of all social backgrounds, the School wishes to accentuate the financial support provided to facilitate the payment of tuition fees.


Provide financial support to help a large number of students pay their tuition fees (by drawing on the School’s own funds and by raising funds from alumni and corporate partners, and by offering domestic and international scholarships, one-off scholarships for exceptional cases and high-level sports scholarships).


Find and release the necessary funds

Encourage the involvement of stakeholders and associate them with funding decisions (Commission representing School Management, the Financial Department, Programme Directors, the Alumni Association and Student Representatives).

Best Practice spotted in 2015 by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.


  •  Overall allocation increased fivefold in five years.
  •  2015/2016: 42% increase in scholarship funding.


  •  Diversify business managements and prepare students from more socially diverse backgrounds for the highest level functions (senior executives, corporate officers).
  •  Assert the School’s humanist values in practical terms. Demonstrate that tuition fees should not act as a hindrance to studying in business schools.
  •  Attract students originating from diverse social backgrounds (in conjunction, for example, with the Aréli and Cordées de la Réussite programmes) thereby reflecting the image of tomorrow’s companies.
  •  Develop a strong feeling of belonging.
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