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ETIX EVERYWHERE’s employees’ happiness: a performance factor

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Etix Everywhere aims at developing a worldwide network of data centers. This network enables the customers to have an access to a local storage space. All these data centers have been built in ecofriendly buildings and delivers high quality and customized services.

Etix Everywhere is growing fast, but does not want to change its start-up mindset and atmosphere. Employees are the key of the success of the company and HR department tries to innovate to encourage its employees to stay and to be efficient.


  • Create and maintain employees’ engagement, passion and motivation in their daily work
  • Re-put human capital at the heart of the company and its life
  • Awaken the entrepreneurship spirit of each employee


Integrate at best new employees
Godfather program: the new employee can choose among all the employee (except all the one working in the same department) as a godfather. An internal social, where only personal information of the employees are available, network helps this choice.

Internal passport: passport which aims at making new employees to meet all the other employees and departments in an informal way. The passport contains different tasks the employee has to fulfill and these can only be validated by the godfather previously chosen

Improve all together each one capacities and knowledge
360 degrees interview: between 3 to 5 times a year, all the employees are evaluated by all the person they are daily working with. It aims at making the work more efficient and more attractive.
Implement a new hiring process specific to Etix Everyxhere
Hiring process is made with no exterior player (recruitment office, head hunter) and is based on the employees network to insure the best compatibility possible between new comers and the rest of the company.

Empower employees
Offer the possibility to all the employees to be shareholder of the company


  • Limit expenses due to employee turnover (Only 4% turnover rate by Etix)
  • Minimize the absenteeism rate
  • Increase the efficiency of the employees
  • Encourage innovation spirit (Etix has been selected in the Silicon Valley Program)


  • Create a positive and enjoyable working atmosphere
  • Reduce the unease at work (overwork, burnout)
  • Empowerment of the employees (shareholder, easy integration process)
  • Balance life respect
20 salariés (2014)
2,5 millions deuros


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