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GROUPE 3SI - In support of local populations when faced with emergency situations

7. Community involvement

Community development


The Groupe 3SI is one of France's leading e-retailers with 22 different store brands in the sectors of fashion and home furnishings, as well as in the sector of services for e-retail businesses. One of the Group's 4 emphases in its corporate responsibility approach focuses on supporting local associations and organizations in those regions where the Group has located its retail outlets.


  •   Respond to emergencies by offering assistance that's targeted, immediate and capable of meeting the actual needs observed.


The Group intervenes on a daily basis in favor of humanitarian associations in the regions and countries where it has established a corporate presence and regularly organizes paid leave missions sponsored through an employees' association.

Without a corporate culture designed to respond to emergencies, the Group nonetheless remains highly sensitive to challenging situations faced by residents living near its business locations:

- Christmas2010 in Alicourt ( Pas de Calais, France): a family home burned. Groupe 3SI provided all the bedding the family needed (bed frames, mattresses, household appliances and linens for 2 adults and 2 children).

- January 2011: Groupe 3SI came to the assistance of the local Secours Populaire charity, by offering a 3,000-m2 warehouse space following a fire at the charity's depot in Roubaix (northern France).

- May 14, 2012: A fire broke out in Roubaix, at the Mermoz tower, destroying many apartments and causing 250 residents to evacuate their homes. Groupe 3SI decided to express its solidarity by providing the victims with over 700 products, including mattresses, comforters, sheets and household linens, all of which were made available to the Roubaix Social Services Center on Tuesday, May 22nd, before distribution by the LMH housing authority to the tower's victims.


  •   Strength of the company's presence in regions where it does business
  •   Internal cohesion among employees
  •   Commitment to a CSR approach.


  •   Pride and emotion felt by personnel
  •   Assistance in rebuilding the lives of emergency victims.
7500 (2011)
1.9 Milliards € (2011)


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