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GROUPE SIA accompanies its fragile customers

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer relations


Groupe SIA, social housing company for 590 people with headquarters in Douai (59), is the No. 3 private social housing operator in the Nord Pas de Calais. The Groupe SIA integrates Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of its strategy with respect and listening to all its stakeholders. Its commitment extends to 7 domains: the environment, human rights, human resources, governance, societal engagement and relations with customers and suppliers.


Support collective actions to promote:

-          Living together in neighborhoods,

-          Home services for senior citizens

-          Actions of social inclusion (employment, culture, social life, access to housing) for most fragile elements of society.


Groupe SIA accomplishes its social mission and provides housing for diverse populations in terms of age, family structure and level of resources.

  • Senior citizens, the disabled
  • Families that are economically and/or socially disadvantaged 
  • People in insertion

In 2010, Groupe SIA created an Endowment Fund of 2 million € from enterprise resources. The purpose of this Fund is to support collective actions. Several projects have been funded since its inception:

  • Follow-up for families in difficulty through social diagnosis provided by the group
  • Collective initiatives in the neighborhoods
  • Coupons for services in residence
  • Refurbishing of 1000  homes per year
  •  Tele-assistance equipment
  •  Work on residential walkways for people of reduced mobility
  • Creating a mobile agency to bring as close as possible, geographically or economically distant clients

These actions were led in partnership with the following associations:

  • Fondation Agir contre l’Exclusion
  • Point Services aux Particuliers
  • Unis-Cité
  • Maison d’Aide à Domicile
  • Fondation Caisses d’Epargne pour la solidarité
  • Ecole de la 2ème Chance
  • Les Apprentis d’Auteuil…



-       2012: 213.4 M euros

-       2013: 230.8 M euros


Endowment Fund: revenues on 6 months of existence

  • 400 senior renters benefiting from home services  in the Douai region
  • 110 families in situation of precarity with social assistance
  • A Services Point for Individuals for 94 families at a residence in Lille Fives
  • A mobile office in 30 cities
230,8 M€ (2013)


67 avenue des Potiers
BP 80 649
59506 DOUAI Cedex


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