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Individualized socio-professional support for people in precarious situations by SIA HABITAT

2. Human Rights


The social landlord SIA Habitat is a company specialized in social real estate. It has recently set up a project to provide social and professional support to 135 households in the mining basin with the association Sauvegarde du Nord. SIA Habitat therefore works hand in hand with the Sauvegarde du Nord association to help people in difficulty find employment and to help disadvantaged people.

SIA Habitat's business model is based on inclusion by helping people with few resources to find low-cost housing. With this approach, SIA Habitat goes one step further by helping them to integrate into professional life.


  • Professional insertion

  • Social reintegration

  • Decrease in societal costs


The individual social and professional counseling was born from a close collaboration between Sia Habitat and the association La Sauvegarde du Nord.

First of all, Sia Habitat identifies and reports to the association's volunteers a person in difficulty to pay his or her rent. The volunteers then come to meet these people directly, assess their situation and immediately retrieve their CV in order to help them find a job.

In addition, beyond employment, the support provided is comprehensive with additional assistance in terms of financial, medical, legal matters or over-indebtedness. 

An almost daily monitoring is then carried out to assess the progress of the different procedures and to offer moral support.
Finally, to catalyze this process, every 4 months a job rally is held between tenants and business leaders, from the Sia Habitat network, willing to hire them.


  • Recovery of 50 % of the unpaid rent from the assisted inhabitants

  • Recovery of 30 % of the debts of the assisted inhabitants

  • Reduction of expulsion costs and procedures costs


Of the 400 people involved in the program:

  • 125 have found a job

  • Around fifty have started professional training

  • Better maintained housing

  • More social connections with the neighborhood and the family, better self-esteem
230,8 M€ (2013)


67 avenue des Potiers
BP 80 649
59506 DOUAI Cedex

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