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LA CONSIGNERIE is committed to making sustainable consumption more accessible and supportive

4. Environment

Waste management


La Consignerie is a zero waste distribution network for individuals and companies that offers online shopping among more than 2,000 consigned, local, seasonal and organic products, from fair trade; all delivered at home in the Lille metropolitan area with soft mobility.

The mission of this start-up is to make sustainable consumption accessible to everyone.


  • Reduce plastic waste.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Promote the local economy.


La Consignerie is committed to responsible consumption by allowing its customers to take the first step towards zero waste in a simple and practical way.

The deposit system allows consumers to get out of the all-plastic and all-disposable. The bottles, jars and bags that are made available to customers are reusable many times and allow them to reduce their carbon footprint. Knowing that today, 80% of plastic packaging ends up in the trash after one year and only 28% of it is recycled in France, this is an important environmental issue.

The local economy is also favored.  Indeed, by opting for a short circuit, the company reduces the number of intermediaries which ensures a fair remuneration to the producer and an accessible price to the consumer. This reinforces the creation of jobs and makes it possible to reach food self-sufficiency.

Moreover, by favouring short circuits, delivery by soft mobility and the reuse of containers, La Consignerie minimizes the number of kilometers travelled by each product and therefore the carbon footprint of deliveries from producer to consumer.


  • Winner of the Trophées de l'économie responsable 2022 in the CSR hopeful category
  • 70% of the products offered by the company are made or processed within 150 km, without intermediaries, directly from the producer.


  • Supporting the local economic fabric and creating jobs
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

La Consignerie

59160 Lille

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