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MACHINES-3D, a lateral management system to benefit all

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Founded by two young engineers first in Belgium and then in France in 2014, Machines-3D is one of France’s leaders in the sale and consulting of 3D technologies. Based on his experience in the construction sector, Antoine Motte, one of the founders of Machines-3D, has developed a number of key values that have helped him understand and value the importance of the human dimension: “True victories are those we share.”

Recently implanted in the Serre Numerique in Valenciennes, the company employs 11 people. A good work environment, direct contact with the big players of tomorrow, local employment, and generating value through shorter and more efficient circuits are the main guidelines of its strategy.


  •  Integrate collaborative work in the management of the company by involving the employees, customers, suppliers and students.
  •  Promote social dialogue and work/life balance with a convivial workspace and flexible hours.
  •  Promote the development of employees in their areas of skill and excellence.


The strong ambition of associates to give people an important place within the company is a founding element. The employees are chosen for their cultural diversity and skills so that each can provide their expertise and become a key player in the development of the company.

The professional development of employees is reinforced by allowing autonomy and providing training to develop new skills and have access to new missions that are ever more innovative.

The balance between personal and professional life is respected: there are no constraints in terms of working hours or vacation days, working from home is possible whenever necessary, and commuting costs of employees are always covered 100%…

Machines-3D provides the human, material and financial resources needed to advance its programs, improve the quality of service and contribute to the satisfaction of the end customer.

Thanks to these values, working relations are marked by the proximity and the solidarity of the team.



  •  Absenteeism 0%
  •  Heightened competitiveness and flexibility of employees


  •  Alleviation of stress at work
  •  Greater creativity
  •  The employees increase their expertise thanks to trainings.
11 salariés (2015)
1 450 000€ (2014)


2 rue Péclet


Antoine MOTTE, Co-gérant, 03 62 02 40 40, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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