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MEZZO - GROUPE 3SI guarantees good working conditions for both its employees and clients

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Mezzo, a GROUPE 3SI subsidiary, is specialized in multi-channel customer relations: reception services, prospection, order entry, after-sales service, telephone selling, telemarketing, collection services, etc. The company operates three call centers: two located in France ( Toulouse and Merignac), and the third in Tunis ( Tunisia). The company pursues a determined human resources policy, dispelling existing prejudices regarding call center management's dubious treatment of staff.


- Ensure the welfare of employees

- Respond to any eventual training needs

- Earn the trust and loyalty of personnel.


Since 2010, all staff with over 6 months of seniority in the company are invited to attend an individual evaluation interview at least once a year. During this interview, the hierarchical supervisor ensures that the interviewed employee possesses all requisite knowledge and expertise to perform the duties of the post, in addition to assessing the employee's behavioral skills and professional practices.

Subsequent to the interview, a summary is produced indicating the employee's major strengths and areas for improvement. In the long run, this interview process enables the manager to propose an individualized training plan, depending on the skill level demonstrated by the team as well as the prevailing managerial strategy.

The equipment required by telecommuters (e.g. seats, call headsets) is renewed on a regular basis so as to ensure good working conditions for all personnel.

At Mezzo, every new hire is assigned a "sponsor", who sets up a program adapted to the new employee's mission. Afterwards, these objectives are reevaluated, with a pay raise if applicable, at least once a year for supervisors and monthly for advisors.

A diversity charter was signed in 2010, along with a telecommuting agreement.

In 2011, Mezzo was awarded the Social Responsibility Label for Customer Relations; this label recognizes sector professionals for their compliance with a code of good social conduct, in terms of: HR practices, both initial and continuing training policy, workplace conditions, and procurement conditions.

Mezzo is dedicated to fulfilling its commitments in the areas of quality, innovation and managerial excellence to the benefit of its clientele.


- Drop in personnel turnover

- Greater employee loyalty and customer satisfaction

- Social responsibility label (for call center activities) awarded in 2012 relative to both the French and Tunisian operations.


Fewer staff conflicts and a more productive labor dialogue.

10 millions d’euros (2011)


Louis PIAT, chargé de Ressources Humaines, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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