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MOBISTAR How to reconcile work with the quality of life?

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Mobistar is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in Belgium and part of the France Telecom/Orange group. The company counts 1,800 employees of 23 different nationalities.

The company’s vision is that its primary stakeholder is its employees, which is why work-life balance is a primordial concern at Mobistar.


  •   Promoting the balance between private, family and work-life
  •  Prioritizing healthy employee behavior
  •  Focusing on the individual in personal development
  •  Aligning employee satisfaction with organizational performance


In order to meet objectives and make the company a good place to work, Mobistar wants to understand its employee’s expectations and needs. The team of corporate responsibility implements annual satisfaction surveys: 2 times a year, each employee meets the manager to rate the performance and the well-being of the employee. Then, 2 times a year, the employee fills an anonymous online survey to give an honest feedback about working in the company. 

 In the next step, the Human Resources department analyzes the results of all surveys. In 2008, Mobistar realized that mobility, transport and traffic jams are a significant source of stress for most of the employees. Taking this into account, Mobistar decided to set up telecommuting. This decision needs to be combined with proper IT tools that enable employees to work from home without suffering from not being in the building. For instance, the internal chat, Communicator, enables employees to exchange files and communicate through video chat. 

 The Human Resources department also stresses the importance of employee involvement in the company’s strategy to increase the feeling of “belonging”. To reach this, Mobistar implements floor meetings where the CEO meets employees and explains the upcoming strategy of the firm. It creates a climate of confidence and reinforces internal communication and trust.

 Finally, the flexible approach to work is amplified by the system of “flexible desking” at the office: employees don’t have their own desk and can work in various areas of the office: some adapted to teamwork, other for personal work. Employees have also the possibility to have children care at the office.

Best Practise spotted in 2014 by the World Forum.


  •   Employees are more efficient


  •  Reduced carbon emission through less commute
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