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MOBIVIA GROUP adopts policy favoring sustainable mobility among consumers

6. Clients and consumers



An international Group present in 16 countries, Mobivia is the European leader in maintaining and equipping multi-branded vehicles, providing service to over 20 million motorists.
The Mobivia Group employs a workforce of some 10,400 split into six activities and 13 companies striving to accomplish the same mission: finding the right initiatives to ensure the world's inhabitants practice sustainable mobility.

Given the marked shift in automobile use patterns, against the backdrop of environmental and societal challenges, the Mobivia Group and its various brands are working each and every day to propose a global response to the ever-changing needs of their customers while making sustainable mobility a more accessible concept.


  • Help raise the percentage of clean-burning cars in the current fleet
  • Accompany changes in the composition of vehicles in circulation
  • Innovate for the purpose of proposing new forms of mobility.


Help make the current automobile fleet cleaner and safer

In 2013, Norauto initiated a global strategy tied to the notion of eco-maintenance: the Eco-Performance diagnostic. Originally a collaborative project partnering with other automobile industry and environmental actors (e.g. FEDA, ADEME, IFFSTTAR), the brand now proposes a system that based on analyzing pollutant emissions and engine operations performs the repairs necessary to return the vehicle as close as possible to its target emission levels. Today, Norauto has the top "Eco-Maintenance"-certified network of experts.

Accompany changes in the composition of fleets in circulation

    To provide better guidance to motorists opting for cleaner vehicles and expand the use of such vehicles, Mobivia now offers maintenance services specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles and has broadened its capabilities for cycles (bicycles and electric scooters). This initiative, which goes hand in hand with the availability of electric loaner vehicles (both cars and bikes) by Norauto and Midas, has made it possible to build awareness among motorists yet to "see the light" by offering them the chance to test these vehicles.

Innovate for the purpose of proposing new forms of mobility

    To accompany society's trends in its preferred modes of transportation, the Via-ID development fund (sponsored by the Mobivia Group and dedicated to new corporate concepts in direct correlation with new customer uses in the sector of sustainable mobility) backs initiatives like automobile-sharing between individuals and in companies, the electric vehicle, the "connected" vehicle (technology embedded in the vehicle, making it possible to send large quantities of information to the motorist on his/her smartphone).


  • Opening of new points of sale despite the ongoing economic crisis
  • Norauto: France's 2013 sales leader in electric power-assisted bicycles, with nearly 10% of the national market (which totaled 51,000 sales in 2013)


  • Less environmental impact
  • Within the customer's allocated budget
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