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MOBIVIA GROUPE is committed to making the existing car fleet cleaner

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


As an international group established in 16 countries, Mobivia Groupe is the European leader in maintenance and equipment for multi-brand vehicles, at the service of over 20 million motorists. Mobivia Groupe brings together over 10,400 employees spread over six sectors and 13 brands united by the same purpose: taking the initiative and making sustainable mobility available to everyone around the world.

Pollution caused by cars and their use is considerable (nearly 20% of the total greenhouse gas emissions come from transport) and has a strong impact on air quality and health. To address this issue, Mobivia Group and its brands innovate to control the polluting emissions related to car use.


  •  Contribute to making the existing car fleet cleaner (nearly 31 million vehicles in France; 2 million new vehicles sold each year)
  •  Reduce the polluting over-emissions and preserve motorists’ budget


In 2013, Norauto has initiated a global approach related to Eco Entretien® (literally, Environmentally Friendly Maintenance): the EcoPerformance diagnosis. As the fruit of a collaborative project with other stakeholders in the automotive and environmental field (FEDA, ADEME, IFFSTTAR…), the brand wishes to offer a system based on the analysis of polluting emissions, especially from diesel vehicles.

Norauto’s EcoPerformance diagnosis intends to go beyond the pitfalls of current checks which either make it impossible to evaluate or don’t try to detect certain malfunctions of diesel vehicles. De facto, MOT test includes no analysis of polluting emissions on diesel cars. Now, 73% of diesel vehicles are held up (source: Spheretec).

Norauto’s EcoPerformance diagnosis is the only solution highlighting the potential problems and faults of each diesel vehicle, from the analysis of 5 exhaust gases (CO, CO2, NO, HC, NOx). This examination enables Norauto experts to evaluate the needs for maintenance and to carry out targeted interventions on the vehicle in order to bring it as close as possible to its optimal emission values.

By opting for “preventive maintenance”, these corrective measures also serve to prevent resulting engine failures, which are often more serious and expensive.

In this respect, Norauto offers maintenance that is oriented towards a greater customer benefit, for an increased sustainability of vehicles, and in accordance with the societal and economic challenges for the reduction in the polluting impact of the car fleet.

Today, Norauto is the 1st Eco Entretien®-labelled expert network.


  •  Innovation as a service
  •  1st network certified « eco-maintenance » in France
  •  Analyse and diagnostic method awarded at salon Equip’Auto
  •  200 000 prestation Eco-Performance has been done.


  •  Reduction in the impact on the environment and public health.
  •  Motorists’ budget is met
10 400 (2013)


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