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NANOSOLAR sets standards for energy solar innovation

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


The point is that the whole solar energy intercepted by the Earth within an hour could meet human kind’s energy needs for a year if all of it was gathered.

But it is still both complicated and expensive to manage solar energy. Nanosolar developped a new generation solar panel that is high-performance, cheap and easy to use, to improve solar energy availability.


- Making solar energy available for as many people as possible, thanks to a cost-efficient product.


Nanosolar SolarPly was created after five years’ development.

The manufacturing of this revolutionary product followed various stages :

- Research and Development,

- Development of the production processes,

- Tests on the product,

- Construction of manufacturing sites.

This long and expensive process was quickly made profitable, as SolarPly is the cheapest solar panel in the world. This high technology product is 100x thinner than any other solar panel. It is so thin that it can be printed on plastic films.


- Nanosolar plans to produce a maximum of SolarPly products, as it has reached saturation point as for orders for the 12 upcoming months. This product shows a very high financial profit.


- Making solar energy available to anyone (more than 300,000 homes are currently supplied with it).

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