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NEO-ECO RECYCLING creates innovative, local and sustainable circular economy loops

4. Environment

Green design


Neo-Eco Recycling is an environmental engineering company located in Haubourdin (Nord département) and employing 10 people. Created in 2008, this human-sized SME designs and produces processes for the management and recovery of various types of waste: green waste, mineral waste (rubble, deconstruction materials) and industrial waste. Neo-Eco gives waste a second life and develops the looping of resources by encouraging partnerships between the different business sectors.


  • Better manage natural resources
  • Create waste-based eco-products
  • Decompartmentalise the business sectors
  • Trigger sustainable practices over the entire territory


Neo-Eco has specialised in the creation of circular economy loops on its territory, that is to say to recycle waste into secondary raw materials in order to manufacture eco-products and new materials for the industry, the building and public works sector and the distribution. Thus, the company designs waste recovery projects, from the characterisation of waste in laboratory to the creation of products in partnership with local players.

A quarter of Neo-Eco’s sales is dedicated to Research & Development in order to make the company part of an approach of continuous innovation as regards circular economy and the solutions proposed.

Neo-Eco conceptualises and develops circular economy projects for its customers by decompartmentalising the business sectors. In order to do this, the company connects players from very different sectors that nevertheless have complementary activities for the creation of eco-products, and is involved in every stage of the process.

This is the case of the “Octave” project, developed in partnership with Piks Design, Sita and Doublet, which is a prototype modular parking terminal for bicycles. In order to do this, Neo-Eco designs the formulation of “C’Urban” environmentally friendly concrete whose components are materials that are 100% recycled from complex waste owned by Sita (foundry sands, river sediments, deconstruction rubble).

The development of certain products requires the creation of new production chains, which contributes to boosting the local employment area.

Thanks to its action, the players connected by Neo-Eco forge links and then create new eco-products and new circular economy loops by integrating new players. Thus, the circular economy gradually extends over the territory.


  • Ernst & Young “Entreprise d’Avenir” (literally, Company with a Future) award in 2012
  • 25% of sales devoted to R&D
  • Employment of project managers who are independent and fully responsible for their projects


  • 90% of waste from the start of the line is reused as secondary raw material
  • Reduction in the use of natural raw materials
  • Creation of new circular economy loops with new players
  • Creation of new jobs
10 (mars 2014)
1 546 902€ (2013)


Christophe DEBOFFE, Président,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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