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BOUYGUES BATIMENT NORD-EST implements a Company Transport Plan

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


Bouygues Batiment Nord-Est, Bouygues Construction's regional subsidiary, employs a workforce of 750 throughout northern France and Belgium. In 2010, the firm adopted its Company Transport Plan, built around 3 primary objectives: communication and employee awareness; expanded reliance on telecommuting thanks to NICTs (New Information and Communication Technologies); and the promotion of alternative modes of transportation.


  •  Preserve the health and safety of personnel
  •  Protect the environment
  •  Embrace the Third Industrial Revolution, by strengthening the emphasis on "green mobility innovations".


For this effort, Bouygues Batiment Nord-Est's mobility management team made use of a combined action plan and indicator dashboard.

A wide array of actions are being undertaken and implemented, either on a one-time or regular basis, across the company:

  •  Active participation in contests entitled "Alternative trip-making options" organized in Villeneuve d'Ascq as part of the European Mobility Week program;
  •  Road safety: communication campaign on road risks, set of actions intended for big rigs;
  •  Training modules adapted from "Structis Passport": use of videoconferencing tools;
  •  70% company reimbursement of each employee's public transit costs;
  •  Bouygues/Renault partnership: Bouygues Batiment Nord-Est now operates an electric vehicle;
  •  Availability of V'Lille bicycle rental service for all interested employees;
  •  An experimental initiative in telecommuting launched among targeted staff members.

The most high-profile actions are still reserved for the Sustainable Development Week event held annually for the past 4 years. Each event offers the occasion to devote an entire day to the issue of mobility. The 2013 session, entitled "In favor of more responsible transportation modes", invited employees to discover and participate in workshops like:

  •  Retaking the driver's licensing exam;
  •  Exploring local public transit networks with Transpole;
  •  Navigating the Chamber of Commerce's new carpooling website; test driving electric or hybrid cars (Peugeot, Renault);
  •  Learning how to work remotely;
  •  Trying out electric or power-assisted bicycles with Altermoove;
  •  Organizing a "car-free day" campaign.


  • Decrease in travel-related costs, through: carpooling, videoconferencing, etc.
  • Electric vehicle 4 times less expensive to operate
  • Image of a responsible company.


  • 5% fewer trips (2011 / 2013)
  • Gasoline consumption lowered by 10% (2010 / 2013)
  • Employees made aware of the underlying issue, resulting in more responsible behavior.
1000 salariés (2015)
345M€ (2015)


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