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ORIGIN RÉNOVATION sets up a responsible purchasing charter to be more consistent with its values.

5. Fair Operating Practices

Responsible purchasing


Origin Rénovation Responsable was founded in 2019 by Amandine and Julien Goudard. The company operates in interior renovation for individuals and professionals. It now has 7 employees and specializes in the use of bio-sourced materials (wood, hemp, linen, earth, cork ...), short circuit or Made in France.

These social and environmental values are essential to the activity and are reflected in the choice of suppliers. A responsible purchasing charter has been set up to be as consistent as possible with the company's values.


  • The five-year goal is for 100% of construction sites to be comprehensive renovation projects that include 100% bio-based materials and meet energy and fluid autonomy.
  • The company is aiming for the BCORP label by the end of 2023 (first assessment carried out in 2021: 50%).


The building sector is the second most important producer of greenhouse gas emissions in France.  Origin Renovation was created to reduce this negative impact of the building industry. It is dedicated to using only biosourced materials to build and renovate buildings and make them more environmentally friendly

In addition, in order to extend its impact, Origin Renovation is implementing a responsible purchasing charter to ensure that its values are also reflected in its suppliers.

The company selects its purchases according to their environmental qualities and their place of manufacture. A lot of sourcing work was done before starting the company in order to get to know the existing partners, labels and manufacturers as well as possible.

The criteria are based on:

  • The environmental quality of the product
  • The obtaining of labels, if yes which ones
  • The place of manufacture
  • The quality of the company and belonging to a group

A charter gathering all this information is given to each new supplier.


  • Strengthened partnership relations with suppliers
  • Respect for the company's environmental and social values


  • Since the beginning of 2022, the use of these materials has allowed Origin Responsible Retrofit to avoid the emission of 4 tons of CO2

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