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PAUL invests in the promotion of diversity

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Each month in France, PAUL's 3,000-person workforce greets the company's 5 million customers entering the company's 340 outlets. Through this commercial relationship, every employee is conveying on a daily basis the French lifestyle specific to the PAUL brand. Since renown of the PAUL brand begins with those responsible for selling its products, PAUL is making constant efforts on behalf of the men and women baking the breads of today and tomorrow. Over the past several years, PAUL has embarked on a new human resources strategy that consists of 4 key steps: recruiting, integrating, training, and developing.


- Recruit personnel talent by emphasizing a diversity approach
- Reduce employee turnover
- Minimize tensions in the job market revolving around PAUL
- Share best practices
- Establish a Diversity Charter.


- Initial agreement signed with the Lille ANPE Employment Office in 2006 and implementation of the Simulation-based Recruitment Method (SRM).
-  Signature of the Diversity Charter with Réseau Alliances in 2007 as a step in pursuing its commitment and sharing best practices. Diversity within the PAUL organization is very strong, as 50 nationalities work side-by-side day in day out throughout its French outlets.
-  Signature of the Plan Espoir Banlieue (dedicated to creating opportunities for the underprivileged) in 2008, in the presence of high-ranking officials Christine Lagarde and Fadela Amara. PAUL promotes employment and integration among youth from underprivileged districts. With over 330 permanent work contracts signed under this plan by the end of 2008, PAUL has exceeded its target of at least 150 new hires a year for 3 years.
-  Signature of a national agreement with the Pôle Emploi Recruitment Office in 2009. Ms. Fadela Amara, Secretary of State for Urban Affairs, made a visit to the PAUL offices in Marcq-en-Barœul on March 12th, 2009 to hail the company's commitments in the area of employment. Through its tools and methods, the Pôle Emploi office reassures that PAUL is proceeding in its recruitment and candidate selection in strict compliance with the recommendations announced by the HALDE Anti-Discrimination Authority.
-  Signature at the end of 2009 of a corporate agreement promoting workforce integration of the disabled, aimed at facilitating their hiring opportunities, integration and retention in their jobs. This agreement is more broadly intended to accompany any employee facing health-related issues.
-  Signature of an agreement in favor of seniors in 2009, granting priority access to: on-the-job training, Individual Training Allocation, Skills Assessment, and Validation of Previous Experience. Possibility also available to request daytime work shifts or a job transfer closer to the place of residence.

These agreements were adopted alongside a number of golden rules, especially regarding recruitment:
-   Our job applicants are also our customers! Every application will receive a response
-   Speed in hiring decision and response - A highly-focused candidate selection process
-   ZERO Discrimination policy
-   Standardized recruitment methods, based on skills that have been validated
-   Recruitment goes hand in hand with integration into the workforce.

During the 1st half of 2012, the PAUL company welcomed a group of 9 newly graduated job-seekers routed through GDE (or Dynamic Hiring Groups, organized by Réseau Alliances) for a period extending until they find either temporary or permanent work. In 2009, PAUL was awarded by Réseau Alliances the Responsible Company Trophy for its actions to prevent discrimination in hiring. In 2012, PAUL and the French Association of Paralysis Victims were honored by the Adecco Foundation for having created customized training programs to benefit individuals sponsored by the ESAT reinsertion initiative.

Best Practice awarded in 2009 by Réseau Alliances and updated in 2012 for its evolution.


- Increased sales revenue
-  PAUL brand name recognition
-  Employee pride
-  2009 Winner of the Responsible Economy Trophy, along with a special CSR Prize
- Honored by the Adecco Foundation in 2012.


-  Rate of disabled in the workforce: 0.72% in 2009 vs. 3.09% in 2011
-  GDE Groups resulting in the accompaniment of 9 new graduates in 2012
-  More than 50 nationalities represented among the company's personnel.

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