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Philips’ Scheme for Diversity and Inclusion

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Philips considers the diversity of talents as a way to better understand and identify their customers’ requirements. This is an extremely important competitive edge which helps them attain their objectives in the short and long run.


Philips wants to create a culture based on diversity to develop highly efficient teams and minimise turnover. Philips wants to enhance the level of cultural acceptance and openness to new ideas.


Philips has created a Diversity & Inclusion Vice-President position to successfully complete awareness-raising and inclusion strategies.

The Group’s objective also is to diversify its managing personnel on a world scale by increasing the number of women holding responsible positions by 10%. In 2005, women’s recruitment rose by 8%.

Philips has also implemented procedures to raise the awareness of employees who do not comply with the commitments to diversity and inclusion of the group and make them more responsible.

Recruitment and promotion procedures are only based on skills. Such skills rely on a culture of performance and meritocracy. The group also ensures that compensation rates and premiums are fair and no-discriminatory.

The organisation actively works towards the promotion of diversity, in particular via the project called “Singulares”, which was initiated in 2003. Philips is committed to making its employees more aware and better informed.


  • ¨ All various actions have enabled the company to better understand consumers, better identify their needs and offer simple solutions via a diversified work force.


  • ¨ An in-house poll conducted in 2005 showed that 55% employees in the firm see diversity as a way to become socially included.


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