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Responsible purchasing a priority at EDF

5. Fair Operating Practices

Responsible purchasing


International industry leaders like EDF rely on service providers and subcontractors from around the globe. EDF hopes to build win/win relationships with suppliers, based on the principals of social responsibility and sustainable development.


  • To raise service providers’ awareness of sustainable development and to open discussions with them on the subject.
  • To manage risks related to sustainable development, both for EDF and for its suppliers.


Sustainable development criteria are a part of EDF’s sourcing process and are in line with the procurement policy, on several levels:
- In requests for proposals detailing purchasing and services requirements sent to selected companies, when relevant,
- In general and specific purchasing agreements (article 18), and in EDF’s Sustainable Development Charter, linking EDF to its suppliers and subcontractors.

“Sustainable Development /Social Responsibility” audits are performed to ensure that suppliers respect the terms of the charter. Suppliers receive the audit results and if necessary, an action plan is applied. EDF carries out roughly 50 of these audits annually

Up to now, the audits have provided valuable information about improving workplace safety, sanitary conditions, staff management, and working hours, especially for suppliers outside of France.
Implemented today by the Procurement Department, “purchasing responsibly” has found its place in the everyday buying process.


  • Managing risks related to sustainable development,
  • Strengthening relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.


  • Suppliers’ and subcontractors’ increased awareness and recognition of sustainable development and of social responsibility.
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