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SEALOCK produces glues that are free from harmful products

4. Environment

Green design


Created in 1996 in Sallaumines (French Pas de Calais département [62]), Sealock is specialized in the formulation of water-based glues and Hot-Melt glues. Its products are intended for the sectors of Graphic Arts and POS advertising, Assembly and Industry, and Packaging and Labeling. Sealock puts innovation at the heart of its strategy to design ever-more efficient and planet-friendly products. Rooted in its territory, Sealock is committed to respecting and maintaining the highest levels of Social and Environmental Responsibility within all its processes.



  • To produce glues that are free from harmful products to both human health and the environment
  • To create efficient glues in order to reduce the amount used and waste.


Sealock is constantly searching for new formulations to improve the efficiency and the planet-friendliness of its glues.


  • Exclusion of labeled products (that is, the products classified as harmful to human health and/or the environment), whenever possible
  • Production of all solvent-free glues
  • Total exclusion of components that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, and toxic for reproduction

For instance, the company has developed a new range of low temperature products: Metallocenes, which make it possible to:


  • obtain a better thermal stability of the product à for the customer: reduction of maintenance operations and machine downtimes.
  • rationalize several products as a result of their versatility of application.

Sealock offers customer audits in order to educate and train them on how to optimally use the glue so as to lower its consumption and reduce the loss of defective product, therefore reducing waste.


Sealock currently offers in its range Hot-Melt glues that are 30% bio-based. The company continues to innovate and direct its development to a range of 100% bio-based products.



  • 99% of glues suitable for direct food use
  • Award for Environmental Performance in 2010, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, and 1st company in its sector to be assessed ISO 26000


  •  Lower glue consumption
  • Lower amount of waste
  • Harmless waste
  • Fewer risks for users and the environment
4506 K€ en 2012


Parc d activité de la Galance
53 rue du Marais


Fabienne NUYTENS

Responsable Qualité et Environnement

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