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Traditional « alpargatas » shoes of the Argentinean company PAEZ: a knowledge that exports well.

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


The company Paez was founded in 2008 by 3 Argentinean friends. They make traditional Argentinean shoes in the province of Buenos Aires. They have 25 workers in Argentina and export their products in around 20 countries through 600 stores thanks to a network of business partner entrepreneurs. The core of the business is founded on ethical and sustainable values.


  • Transform commodity into an international icon
  • Share their heritage and culture worldwide
  • Share their values : simple, fun, playful, heritage and tradition
  • Protect environment: They use top-quality materials for all products: 100% cotton in their fabrics and the best Argentine leather for every insole, to guarantee freshness and comfort.


The two partners wished to create the brand under a venture. They build their brand on the cultural aspect but also on honesty and transparency.

  • Environment: The products are made in Argentina with raw materials from the country. 100% cotton for the fabric and the best Argentinean leather for the soles.
  • Employees: Their main challenge is people management. It is difficult to empower working teams with company’s purposes, passion and beliefs. Paez helps their employees in their everyday life by helping to build better houses and offers them specific training programs.
  • Consummers: On the website, consumers can access the whole supply chain process of the production as well as profit made by the company. Consumers can also visit the factory. More than a brand, Paez is a platform on which the company communicates on its experiences and inspirations to his clients.


  • Exports in more than 20 countries on the 5 continents
  • Brand available in 600 stores, 12 of which are at their name.


  • Certified as a B corp in 2015, which implies a positive impact
  • Supporting education (supporting special training program)
  • Supporting their employees community (supporting factory employees facilitating the construction of better houses)
  • Dissemination of a business model and a network of auto entrepreneurs
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Tomas PANDO, fondateur, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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