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AG2R LA MONDIALE : an example of governance integrating stakeholders

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


AG2R LA MONDIALE was born in 2008 from the union of a mutual insurance company (La Mondiale) with a group of social protection (AG2R) based on a structure with equal representation of both parties (employees and employers). In a tight economic and financial context, while regulatory requirements and expectations of citizens are becoming stronger, the Group supports democratic governance based on mutual insurance system and equal representation.


  • Organize a stable governance that guarantees secure commitments on the long term;
  • Integrate stakeholder (clients, customers) at the heart of decision-making, management and control;
  • Ensure that policyholders benefit directly from the value created by the activity.


 Due to the nature of the two structures which have founded the Group, the stakeholders, who are policyholders, pensioners, companies and professional sectors having an insurance contract, are strongly involved in governing bodies and the decisions they make. Policyholders elect delegates according to the rule of "one person, one vote". These representatives make up the General Assembly of La Mondiale which in turn vote to appoint its directors. Representatives of pensioners, companies and professional sectors are appointed equally by unions representing employees and by organizations representing employers. All bodies of companies included in the scope of AG2R are on a joint model  Best Practice spotted by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy in 2012 and updated in 2015. 


  • Better understanding of customers.
  • Adaptation of services, rates and products.
  • Pride of affiliation, and therefore customers and partners loyalty.
  • Risk management.


  • Long-term vision.
  • Need for transparency.
  • Credibility.
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