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BRICOMAN France - GROUPE ADEO ensures integration of handicapped persons into workforce

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


French law requires hiring disabled workers to compose 6% of the workforce. Disregard for this law can result in financial penalties that have increased appreciably since 2009. Until 2008, Bricoman’s response to this obligation was carried out more often through making the financial payments than through hiring.

The employment rate of disabled workers at Bricoman was thus not in line with expectations or the business plan. A number of steps were taken and, as of 2009, Bricoman’s response to this requirement was reversed, to become primarily one of hiring disabled workers. The company wishes to continue this trend.


  •   Reach a workforce participation rate of 6% disabled personnel across all entities.
  •   Implement a committed, voluntary approach involving all decision-makers, consulting bodies, and personnel.


After an external assessment in late 2008, Bricoman mobilized the stores’ steering committees in 2009 through awareness campaigns on the issue, involving advisory authorities (CWC, WC, CHS-CT) and employees, providing information about the plan by disseminating an informational brochure on disabilities, posters, and external communications (including the recruitment site mentioning the Bricoman policy on the issue, etc).

In early 2010, a guide to employing the disabled was given to the stores’ steering committees (possible contracts, position constraints, potentially mobilized resources, indirect employment, various contacts, etc.) to facilitate integration of disabled employees.

Awareness sessions intended for team members continue. At the beginning of 2012, the association Handi'cap Entreprises gave a presentation at the Head Office. During this afternoon event, employees completed quizzes and viewed videos of testimonials, motivating them to reflect on the integration of disabled workers within the company. The exchanges held were effective in overcoming a number of preconceived notions about disabilities.

Moreover, individual entities will benefit from an accompaniment strengthened by the regular presence of an in-store reference to disability.

Best Practice first catalogued in 2010 by World Forum and updated in 2012 to reflect evolution.



  •   The rate of disabled workforce participation has continued to climb since 2008, from 1.97% in 2008 to reach 3.87% in 2011
  •   A controlled contribution despite new stores submitted to mandatory measures.


  •   Many company employees have initiated steps to obtain official recognition of a disability.

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