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CLAYRTON'S implements a collective approach to sustainable development: “Green Power”

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Clayrton's, a family-run company founded in Roubaix in 1968, specializing in packaging and decoration accessories for florists, has expanded its activity to festive decoration, gift wrapping and shops. Since 2007, Clayrton's has been engaged with all its employees in promoting Sustainable Development initiative called "Green Power".


  • Establishing a dialog with the staff
  • Limiting the business's environmental impact
  • Evaluating the impact of its activities on the environment


Beyond a French production which has been preserved since 1968, Clayrton's focuses on the environmental quality of its products and in 2007 committed itself to a more global, social and societal approach specially thanks to the support from network of alliances.

Clayrton's operates based on a participatory management system where employees are involved in the company's vision.

• Values of the company are defined using a questionnaire to all the employees, and subsequently enumerated and finalized by the executive committee.

• CSR actions are generally decided by all employees through Green Power meetings organized several times a year in the form of brainstorming sessions.

-The topics: environment, energy savings, quality, workstation ergonomics, social/societal issues (optimization of working conditions, organization, cleanliness and safety of workstations).

-All concerned employees: office employees and factory workers.

-Example of actions: Inventory planning proposed by logistics employees, training in eco-driving proposed by the field sales team


• Revenue + 26% since 2007

• Employees involved, interaction between departments, team skill development

• Green Power annual report: tracking indicators since 2008


• Responsible Procurement Charter

• commitment of the Second Chance School

• 6 employees trained on the ergonomics of the workstations

63 salariés (2015)
13 050 000 € (2015)


41, rue Saint Antoine


Tristan GUIREC-LEPOUTRE, Directeur Marketing et Commercial, 03 20 20 99 80, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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