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Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe proposes Leave for Change ® for its employees

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (CMNE), the cooperative and mutual bank, is an active regional bank that demonstrates its responsibility, solidarity and social engagement through its banking, insurance and asset management ventures. 

Since 2010, CMNE has offered its employees the opportunity to work with the NGO Planete Urgence through the Leave for Change scheme in order to respond to social issues in countries south of the equator. In 2017, as part of the Medium Term Plan (MTP), the mechanism became available to all members in order to promote synergy within human resources in the CMNE Group.


  • Propose a concrete action plan for employees who wish to learn more about their leave 
  • Promote well-being and personal development and reward employees
  • Contribute to social action and make it an attractive prospect for newcomers


There are many different objectives: 

• Educational support and making learning fun for children in need;

• Training for adults who wish to be independent so that they can start their own professional projects;

• Protecting biodiversity in natural areas that are under threat. 


Participants will benefit from two days training at the Planete Urgence offices in order to identify what skills and know-how can be shared with local adults to help them when the participants arrive at the location. 


The company finances the mission up to a maximum of €2 500 (funding is tax deductible for the company up to 70%).

Plane tickets, vaccines, visas, etc. must be paid for by the participant (tax deductible of up to 66%).


  • The cost of each mission is €2 500 for CMNE, tax deductible up to 70% 
  • Employees will develop skills and feel rewarded 
  • The Group is an attractive employer, in a human sense as well as a business sense 


  • 51 employees participated between 2010 and 2017
  • Transfer of specific skills to populations in need
  • Personal development: expanding horizons, increasing adaptibility
  • Support for local associations in each country that has expressed a need for it 
4156 salariés (2019)
134 Millions d’€ (2019)


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