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IDKIDS gets involved for the insertion of young people in the company

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


"Acting to make a better world for growing children," is the mission statement of Idkids, implemented by RESSEME (Corporate, Social, and Environmental Responsibility Brands for Children). 5000 company employees, is engaged and involved Idkids specifically for the integration of young people through various actions.


  • Encourage the integration of young people in the company
  • Educate employees on diversity


With Réseau Alliances, since 2004 Idkids has participated in the Dynamic Hiring Groups: accompany the young graduated that are immigrant in the research for their first job.

With the ARELI network, Idkids offers its employees the opportunity to become a student sponsor. This role entails accompanying ARELI scholarship recipients throughout their university studies and facilitating their transition into the workforce.

This two-step action allows staff to contribute to the professional and social emergence of young talented students in initiating contacts with networks and exposing them to the corporate world.

Moreover, Idkids hosts student interns and offers work-study contracts within a number of departments. The missions assigned to interns or work-study students are supervised by designated staff members / tutors to ensure a successful transmission of knowledge.

 kidsalso invests in the foundation "AJIR" (acronym for "With Involved Youth for Success"), which coordinates the work of 5 regional youth integration associations.


Idkids' partnerships with associations strenghten those actions.

  •  With Reseau Alliances : Support for young graduates from immigrant families, simulated job interviews, and network building. For 2 years, many managers have been active with someone from Réseau Alliances and accompany seven young people every year to build their professional life project. These employees are trained for a half-day with a HR consultant and they accompany seven young people during 9 months up to employment:
  •  With Areli, The mission is first and foremost centered on individuals. No "dedicated control panel" exists to monitor the award winner, instead the emphasis is on relations between two individuals dialoguing on the student environment, behavior, concentration, methodology, and their own awareness of moving into a career.

In 2014: To create an effective dynamic, the website set up for employees active with associations supported by the Okworld Foundation was expanded to include social integration actions

Best practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2011 and updated in 2013.


  • Enriching experience for all employees involved
  • Communication at the company's site to generate internal synergy
  • Teams rallying around the corporate project.


  • 14 employees participating in the study groups; 80% access to a first job
  • Areli: 580 youth being sponsored by the association
  • 2014: Support initiated to benefit the AJIR Foundation.
5000 (2014)
741 M Euros (2014)


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