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MANPOWER Direct Training provides an e-learning offer for its candidates and temp employees.

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Human capital development


Manpower France was the first company to have temporary work available online since 2002, a distance learning offer, dedicated to its temporary employees. Now this opportunity is offered to all Manpower candidates.


Provide to Manpower candidates and temp employees free and flexible access to training in order to:
- Train between missions
- Be in charge of one’s own training
- Validate or evaluate one’s achievements
- Acquire new skills

All of this “Anytime, to each their own rhythm”


Over 350 online courses (full catalogue:, propose to develop one’s knowledge in various areas:
- Office (all levels) and computer skills
- Personal and professional development
- Multimedia (English courses)
- Foreign languages (Assimil Online for 12 languages)
- Sustainable development (Save energy module!)
- Retailing (Practical Approach to 4 jobs of this sector)
- Modules to facilitate interviews and Missions (How to rework one’s CV,

Preparing for job interviews), and to address issues vital to a successful mission (for general or industrial missions).
The courses are open access for 3 months (renewable). These are free and unpaid. Only language courses are available under certain conditions.
A monthly measure of the training is completed (monitoring registered persons in training, having completed a module, etc..).
The indicators both track interest towards the various modules offered in the catalogue as well as to make the program evolve. 


- Steady per year increase of about 1000 users.  More than 9000 users in 2009, almost 800 per month
- An ideal complement to other types of training offered
- Enhanced image of a socially responsible employer with a proactive approach and a commitment towards applicants and temporary employees 


 - Act on equal opportunities by providing access to training
- Allow candidates to be better prepared and therefore more comfortable and become efficient more rapidly on missions

3.34 millliards d'euros (2009)


50, rue Gustave Delory
59000 Lille


Thierry VAUDELIN, Responsable Département Formation Intérimaires - DRH - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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