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The KIABI Foundation makes each of us a player

7. Community involvement

Community development


Founded in 1978 in Hem (North of France), Kiabi is specialized in the sector of ready-to-wear clothing for the whole family. As part of the Vision 2020 approach, the 7500 employees of Kiabi have clearly expressed their wish to be proud of working in an ecoresponsible company. Over and above the commercial approach, they expressed their need for more proximity with customers and families by playing a role in their environnment.
Kiabi committed itself to a CSR approach and created the Kiabi Corporate Foundation in 2011.


  •  Acting for the education and well-being of the families in the 8 countries where Kiabi is established, following four directions: Education and occupational integration, Health, access to leisure-activities, intergenerational link
  •  Strengthening the pride of working for the brand
  •  Creating a community of actions where employees, associations and stakeholders are associated


The Kiabi foundation is a corporate foundation which supports projects to which employees are commited, together with associations. These projects can be helped with donations in kind and financial support from the Foundation, in addition to the voluntary commitment of employees.

The Foundation is a solidarity tool available for employees, which helps contribute to developing actions by associating with partner associations to build projects. The employee who presents a project to the Foundation steering committee becomes the project leader, managing a team of voluntary employees and financial resources.

A number of collaborative tools (, Facebook, Twitter) have been set up to enable every one to be a full "member" of the foundation, to express their opinions about the causes supported, and to communicate about projects.

Among these directions, health and occupational integration are clearly distinguishing themselves. Employees are commiting themselves to sponsorship actions and accompanying job seekers, collecting toys for hospitalized children.
Concrete example: employees spontaneously wished to advise job seekers on their presentation during job interviews. The Foundation launched "fashion coaching for employment' , which uses fashion as a tool for success and self-confidence during the recruitment process. Employees will lead fashion advice workshops as part of their projects with the foundation.


  •  Positive external image
  • An action which can reveal talents within the company
  • Consistency factor for the teams


  •  Since it was launched in September 2011, the Foundation has supported 30 projects in 5 countries ( France, Italy, Morocco, China, Bangladesh)
  • 600 employees committed in occupational integration related projects
  • An action creating satisfaction on a personnal level
  • Pride of belonging in the company
  • Community of actions, concrete results for the community neighbourhood
  • Skills sharing with the associations, and acceleration of the implementation of their  projects


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