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Aeronef : Towards a gentler and more supportive mobility for its spectators

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


Aéronef is a Lille-based non-profit association that organizes cultural events around music for all, specifically concerts with diverse atmospheres.

Since 2016, the association then certified ISO 20121 is strongly committed to issues related to its social and environmental responsibility. To minimize the social and environmental impact of its concerts, Aéronef is implementing innovative solutions: reimbursing ilevia transport tickets, providing parking spaces for bicycles, raising awareness on soft mobility etc...

The objective is to encourage the public to improve their behavior.


  • Reduce CO2 emissions and fight against climate change.
  • Limit carbon footprint of spectators coming to concerts organized by Aéronef.
  • Raise awareness on soft mobility: promote a greater use of environmentally friendly means of transportation


L'Aéronef is strongly committed to social and environmental issues. For example, its efforts to make culture accessible to all won Golden mention at the 2019 Trophées de l'Économie Responsable and was the jury's special favorite in the "Organizations" category.

In 2018, the concert hall acquired a Bilan Carbone® accounting tool, which enabled a survey of audience travel habits. This survey revealed that transportation was the most polluting element during Aéronef concerts (accounting for 62% of emissions).

The Aéronef then introduced real solutions to reduce this carbon footprint:

  • Starting September, anyone who has attended a concert organized by Aéronef and is in possession of a valid Ilevia ticket will be refunded the price of the ticket. This initiative aims at encouraging the public to switch to public transportation. In addition, the aircraft is working hand in hand with Ilevia to overcome the feeling of insecurity that some people may feel when using public transport. They have, among other things, launched a women's observatory walk.
  • For people living outside the area served by ILEVIA, park-and-ride facilities are available.
  • For people using bicycles, they can park for free in a secure parking lot below the concert hall. In addition, upon presentation of a concert ticket, they can access a bicycle repair workshop free of charge.
  • A special platform can connect people to encourage co-pedestrianism (for those on foot) or carpooling (for those in cars).


  • The concert hall is backed by the Ministry of Culture and the city of Lille, who invested 10,000 euros in the platform project
  • These initiatives allow Aéronef to combine event management and ecology to gradually change habits.


  • Reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Spectators are educated on more responsible behaviors.
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