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ECO2LIBRIUM supports projects for the rehabilitation of the Kakamega Forest in Kenya

4. Environment


Based in Kenya, Eco2Librium LLC is mainly engaged in energy and local reforestation. Its aim is to apply commercial solutions to social and environmental problems, in order to compensate for the lack of funding or efficiency of the country's public administration and NGOs. Being committed to treating people fairly, the founders are committed to solving local problems in an ethical and responsible manner above all. Initiated by the Forest Again project, Eco2Librium's activities aim to rehabilitate degraded parts of the Kakamega Forest in Kenya.


In cooperation with other local companies, Eco2Librium contributes to:

  • Protecting 2 million hectares of trees in Kenya

  • Reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 10 million tonnes

  • Redistribute USD 250 million to the poorest people

  • Create 100,000 local jobs


Before considering a project, Eco2Librium ensures that it conserves natural resources, creates jobs for disadvantaged groups, improves lives and contributes to the development of a skilled workforce. By getting closer to local workers, the company has found that women in the region are already organized into small production groups. This organization has been maintained and each of the 15 working groups has become a micro-production centre.

The company's activities are divided into 4 areas. Their project dedicated to energy-efficient kilns (Stoves for Life) officially started in 2011 with the objective of distributing and installing energy-efficient ceramic kilns in the communities at preferential prices.

In 2016, Eco2Librium launched the Renewable Biomass Fuel division with the Briquettes project, which consists in transforming sugar cane waste into clean and efficient combustible materials comparable to wood or coal.

At the same time, Eco2Librium launched the Solar Electricity Division as a private company responsible for the purchase and distribution of solar installations in communities in Kenya.

For its Microfinance division, Ecol2Librium is a partner of KILNS (a local initiative encouraging the production of more stoves).


  • Leading company in the world B-Corporation ranking with 180/200 points

  • The majority of the employees are highly qualified (PhD or Master Degree) and particularly efficient


  • The company employs 60 people, 80% of whom are women

  • Its products improve the lives of 400,000 people in Kenya

  • It provides its employees with access to education, and 120 of them are highly qualified (technology industry)

  • It minimizes deforestation and combats climate change by establishing kiln production centres and bringing energy to rural Kenya

  • 20 Kenyans supervise 5 divisions and 500 people in an area where the unemployment rate is over 50%

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