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KOKPIT offers a sustainable alternative to disposable diapers

4. Environment

Green design


Kokpit is a new company specialized in the rental of cloth diapers. It was initiated in the Haut de France in 2020 by two entrepreneurs from the North of France. Their goal? To limit the waste associated with traditional disposable diapers that often contain several substances that are harmful to the health of newborns.

The company informs and educates parents and professionals on the subject in order to change the world... diaper by diaper!


  • Reduce environmental impact generated by disposable diapers by promoting a sustainable alternative
  • Preserve the health of newborns


In France, 3.5 billion diapers are thrown away every year. This represents 351,000 tons of waste that is difficult to treat. In order to fight against this ecological disaster, Kokpit accompanies parents and allows them to gradually switch to cloth diapers. These diapers generate only 200 kg of waste all included.

The company suggests to its customers to rent washable diapers directly on their website. However, Kokpit's actions are not limited to simple rental. Indeed, the brand also provides support throughout the process of handling diapers, including personalized appointments.

The brand raises awareness of the importance of washable diapers by offering free online presentation workshops. The company also works with maternity hospitals, day care centers and micro-care centers to help them move towards "100% cloth diapers".


  • Kokpit received a prize at the Trophies for Responsible Economy in the category: CSR hopes.
  • The brand has already supplied more than 300 families with washable diapers, as well as 8 early childhood structures (day care centers and micro-care centers)
  • Only 3% of parents use washable diapers today in France, Kokpit wants to convince the remaining 97%.


  • Raising clients' and consumers' awareness of environmental issues and introducing them to responsible habits
  • Reducing the environmental impact caused by disposable baby diapers: 31 tons of waste have already been avoided and 287,000 liters of water have been saved



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