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LEMON, a mobility learning program implemented by Tadao for social inclusion

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


Tadao is a subsidiary of the TRANSDEV group, a global leader in public passenger transportation. Tadao operates a bus network serving Lens-Béthune, is part of the Artois-Gohelle mixed transport syndicate, and aims to provide accessible mobility solutions for all.

With this goal in mind, the company has implemented the LEMON program (Laboratory for Mobility Experimentation), a mobility learning program.


  • To promote mobility learning for socially disadvantaged individuals, particularly residents of priority neighborhoods under the City Policy and middle school students.

  • The program aims to overcome mobility barriers by offering innovative and educational solutions.


As part of the LEMON program (Laboratory for Mobility Experimentation), Tadao focuses on exploring future mobilities and implementing innovative solutions.

To familiarize middle school students with the bus network and enable them to acquire the necessary skills for independent daily mobility, Tadao has developed the "A+ in the Bus" mobility learning program. It offers four workshops throughout the school year. The pedagogical approaches used include network presentations, fun activities such as a rally, and virtual immersion through a virtual reality game.

Tadao also explores social innovation solutions to meet the specific needs of socially disadvantaged populations. This includes implementing specific support measures for people with reduced mobility or residents of priority neighborhoods under the City Policy. The objective is to ensure the accessibility of public transportation services for everyone, regardless of their social or economic situation.


  • By offering innovative and educational solutions, Tadao improves the accessibility of its public transport network, thereby promoting the adoption of its services by a wider audience.

  • Increase in the use of public transportation.


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