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NATURE & DÉCOUVERTES: the Foundation that combines ecology and education

6. Clients and consumers


Nature et Découvertes is a French chain of shops founded in 1990. After its first profits, the company decided to create a foundation dedicated to the protection and knowledge of nature, in France and then internationally.

In 25 years, the foundation financed 2,700 environmental and social projects for 13.2 million euros. Social ambitions are added to environmental ones. These include the integration of women into the company, disability and the creation of long term contracts.


  • Democratising local and national projects that seem exemplary to the company

  • Enable customers to get involved through their purchases

  • Raise awareness and educate the citizens of today and tomorrow to respect the environment


Four years after its creation, the company donates 10% of its net profits each year to its Foundation, which is committed to the protection, awareness and education of nature. The Foundation supports two types of projects: "major" projects and "helping hands" projects.

The major projects support flagship and experimental projects, carried out in partnership with associations, which address major challenges in terms of biodiversity and active education in contact with nature. The "Coup de main" projects support local initiatives on the ground, with a high proportion of voluntary work, to carry out concrete actions.

The major projects are voted on by a jury of experts from civil society (scientists, educationalists, specialists in their field) and N&D employees. Together, they examine between 10 and 20 proposals per year, pre-selected by the Foundation's team, which will be funded from €6,000 and up to €15,000 for projects with a national scope.

The "Coup de main" projects are elected by a rotating jury of 20 employees, passionate about nature, from the Nature & Découvertes teams and accompanied by experts. They meet throughout the year (in February, April, July and October) to vote on the funding of projects between €500 and €3,000.


  • Each year, the N&D Foundation receives 10% of the company's net profits, as well as one euro from each Nature & Découvertes Club membership

  • In 1998, the company received the first ever Oscar for sponsorship in the environmental category from ADMICAL

  • Since June 2015, the company has been certified B Corp. It was the second French company to be awarded the label

  • Since 2019, it has been one of the signatories of the Pacte sur les Dates de Consommation, which brings together ten key commitments to fight against food waste


  • 100% of the electricity used by N&D is from renewable sources, both in their shops, warehouses and head office. This has led to 30% savings on their electricity consumption between 2016 and 2020

  • N&D is a partner of "Too Good To Go". More than 6,000 baskets have been offered on the application to fight food waste

  • N&D is uncompromising with its suppliers and asks them to follow a quality charter that engages their responsibility. The company favours long-term sustainable partnerships and favours small businesses in order to support local craftsmanship whenever possible

  • ISO 14001 certification has been obtained every year since 2000, thanks to the 14 waste processing channels set up
1 100 (2018)
206 millions € (2017)

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