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CVP: Re-use of waste corundums to take the circular economy further

4. Environment

Green design


Set up in 2002, CVP provides proactive and everyday solutions for grinding products and dry technical additives for surface treatments. CVP's aim is that all its customers, from the biggest account to the smallest, should benefit from environmental innovations to all products, whether specialist or standard. Since 2010, CVP has been the only company in its business sector to measure the carbon footprint of its products on the market ...


•    To manufacture more than 50% of abrasives from waste products by 2020.
•    To reduce energy needs by reducing the costs of producing corundum
•    To foster development of recycling and recovery procedures in the region.


Corundum is a mineral used for its abrasive properties. In the context of recovery of industrial waste and preservation of natural resources, CVP offers its customers recycling of waste corundums (white and brown).
CVP also offers its customers the possibility of hiring white and brown corundums, thus putting into practice the concepts of the Functional Service Economy, an initiative started by the President of CVP and other business leaders along with Réseau Alliances.

This offer allows CVP to save on energy and transport costs, since the largest deposits are found in China. It also puts on the market 100% recoverable products and meets the needs of a new category of customers. In addition, the business is more competitive because the cost of hiring is lower than the cost of purchasing.

Good Practice award: Trophées de l’Economie Responsable
Good Practice award in the Eco-Conception competition [avnir], 2013.
Good Practice award: Trophée JADDE , 2013.


•    Reduction of costs of producing corundum
•    Increase in price competitiveness on the markets
•    Opportunities on markets for environmentally-friendly products


•    Waste abrasives used in surface treatment become raw materials for other industrial processes
•    Preservation of natural resources
•    Reduction of environmental impact
•    Factories using the product are cleaner and more respectful of their environment, because their waste is now a raw material.

8,6 millions d'euros (2014)

CVP Creative Vision of Packaging

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