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STIRRUP, a solidarity alternative for vacant dwellings

6. Clients and consumers


150,000 homeless people live in France while 3 million homes are vacant. To address this reality, STIRRUP, a start-up with a social impact, was founded in 2017.

Stirrup gives homeless people access to unoccupied housing for a springboard period of support. The free loan of a vacant dwelling thus enables them to regain their rights and reintegrate into social and economic life. Within the framework of this project, Stirrup works closely with landlords, real estate agencies, reintegration associations as well as government and municipalities.


  • Providing decent housing for people in extreme hardship

  • Contribute to their reintegration through the assignment of stepping stone housing

  • Ensuring the safety of owners and tenants

  • Helping the homeless to acquire their fundamental rights


With the support of the government, Stirrup put in place a vacancy loan agreement that removed the barriers to renting for homeowners and real estate professionals. This linking of landlords and homeless people is carried out through reintegration associations such as the Sauvegarde du Nord and France Horizon.

The start-up enables the Ministry and local authorities to make considerable savings, particularly on accommodation and the payment of hotel nights for those made homeless. Stirrup thus enhances the value of housing for a springboard period of 6 months by making housing available free of charge to people in precarious situations, while benefiting from solidarity tax exemption.

Out of these savings, Stirrup pays a monthly benefit to the owners who, in addition to the financial gain, contribute to Stirrup's economic performance and to the reintegration of people in need.


  • To date, 7 springboard housing units have been allocated, thus contributing to the social support of 7 families in need

  • Stirrup ensures its sustainability thanks to its innovative business model: on each transaction, a commission is withheld from the savings made by the home owner and the government


  • Offers a housing solution for the homeless

  • Communities spend an average of €17,000/year on accommodation for the homeless, Stirrup saves them the costs of very expensive emergency accommodation, such as hotel nights for families and indirect costs for health, safety, etc.

  • Reduces social and psychological problems

  • Since its creation, Stirrup has helped more than 18 people

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