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Nausicaa, National Sea Center, is committed to raising awareness and educating about the environment

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Relations with stakeholders


Nausicaa, National Sea Center, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, is an aquarium that welcomes over 830,000 visitors annually. It plays an important role in ocean conservation by raising public awareness about environmental issues related to the sea and marine biodiversity.

Since 2018, Nausicaá has been engaging with all its employees in a collective reflection to establish a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) roadmap based on the ISO 26,000 standard, in order to incorporate sustainable practices into each of its activities.The implemented actions focus on various priority areas such as employee well-being, the development of responsible procurement policies, and the management of the Center's environmental impact.


  • Raising awareness about environmental challenges such as plastic pollution, climate change, and overfishing.
  • Promoting responsible behaviors towards the oceans and their inhabitants.
  • Promoting knowledge and understanding of marine ecosystems.


To achieve these objectives, Nausicaa implements various actions. This includes creating interactive and educational exhibitions to help visitors better understand marine ecosystems and the environmental challenges they face. Educational offerings are also provided for teachers and students, offering educational activities and workshops on ocean conservation. Additionally, Nausicaa organizes awareness events such as conferences, film screenings, and public animations, as well as communication campaigns to promote sustainable behaviors towards the oceans.

Launched in March 2010 in France by Nausicaá, in Italy by the Acquario di Genova, and in Spain by the Aquarium Finisterrae, the European program "Mr.Goodfish" also aims to raise public awareness about sustainable consumption of seafood and engage them in marine resource preservation. Each season, Mr.Goodfish publishes a list of seafood recommended by marine resource specialists. If every French person consumed a recommended species by Mr.Goodfish just once a year, it could save 20,000 tons of endangered species. The Mr.Goodfish program adopts a wholly positive approach. The selection criteria for Mr.Goodfish are scientifically rigorous and based on four factors: the status of the resource, size, season, and species status according to the latest advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) on stocks, issued annually in partnership with IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea).


  • All of these actions enhance Nausicaa's reputation as an organization committed to environmental protection, which can attract more visitors and partners.
  • Winner of the 28th edition of the Trophées de l’Économie Responsable


  • The awareness and education practices on the environment contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems, the protection of marine biodiversity, and the fight against plastic pollution and other environmental challenges.
  • Additionally, they encourage the adoption of sustainable behaviors, which have a positive social impact.


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