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The SOCIÉTÉ IMMOBILIÈRE GRAND HAINAUT (SIGH) embarks its employees in the challenge of mobility

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


The social landlord SIGH (Société Immobilière du Grand Hainaut) has nearly 370 employees in 11 agencies in the Grand Hainaut and Arrageois regions.

At the instigation of its management, SIGH decided to take part in the Mobility Challenge in Hauts-de-France, which was held from 20 to 25 September 2021. This challenge aims to promote alternative modes of transport to the private car: walking, cycling, public transport, carpooling, teleworking, among the active population, for their home-work journeys.

It is a response to the various challenges described in the company's strategic plan, such as the implementation of a series of measures to limit its carbon footprint and that of its employees.


  • Reduce the carbon impact of its employees by raising their awareness and encouraging them to turn to soft mobility
  • Unite employees around an event
  • Learn from the experience of other participating companies


For some time now, the HMIS has been thinking about sustainable mobility. Participating in the 2021 Mobility Challenge is a continuation of this reflection.

To encourage employees to participate in this challenge, the ESH has mobilized many resources.

First of all, SIGH deployed a major communication plan, notably via its intranet site. It punctuated its communication with several teasers, one of which went to meet the first employees "engaged" in the challenge. Each one described in detail what they were going to do during Mobility Week to reduce their carbon footprint. The aim of the video was to show that the challenge was open to everyone, managers, non-managers, people who are used to soft mobility as well as novices.

In addition, to encourage as many employees as possible to give their best during the challenge, SIGH doubled the number of prizes to be won. Indeed, in addition to those offered by the organizers of the Mobility Challenge, the social landlord organized its own internal challenge in which it offered additional prizes: a fully equipped bicycle, a scooter and a pedestrian kit (waterproof backpack, etc.).

In total, 40 SIGH employees participated in the Mobility Challenge in September 2021.

In 2022, they were 4 times more employees to participate in the Mobility Challenge and implemented concrete actions such as.

  • The provision of three electric bicycles purchased from a local bike shop in Valenciennes for employees' business trips, who can also borrow them for lunch breaks or simply to go home.
  • The implementation of a SIGH community on the site and the regional application PASSPASS COVOITURAGE.
  • The participation in challenges with their colleagues SA Hlm de l'Oise and SIA as well as the Caisse d'Épargne Hauts de France. The commitment of the 823 employees of their 4 companies during the Mobility Challenge enabled the company to support a tree planting campaign in the region. This is how 3,250 trees will be planted in partnership with Reforest'Action and the Planteurs Volontaires


  • The "Grïntïm" was born from the Mobility Challenge 2021. It is a team of three pilots and contributors whose objective is to bring the subject of mobility in the company. The Grïntïm is currently working on an inventory of all forms of soft mobility to promote less carbon-intensive travel for employees. A questionnaire has been launched to find out the home/work travel patterns of the 370 employees.
  • The Mobility Challenge allowed SIGH to show that soft travel was multiple and to consider mobility at 360°. Being able to follow the actions of other companies was also very instructive.
  • SIGH won a carpooling prize at the Mobility Challenge


  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Raising employee awareness on mobility issues


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