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AG2R LA MONDIALE encourages travel by scooter for SD week

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


AG2R LA MONDIALE's Mons site en Baroeul (59)  knows about a parking problem. This lack of  parking spaces forces associates to park around the site, which creates conflictual situations in the neighborhood. 

In addition to the company's desire to reduce its carbon footprint, the site's special situation creates the need to promote alternative modes of transport, such as cycling, walking or scooters, in order to improve neighborly relations and the well- being of employees


  • Reducing the need for car parking spaces
  • Raising internal awareness of the challenges of sustainable mobility  by making  a new alternative form of alternative travel to the individual car 
  • Enabling employees to be active and do sports


AG2R LA MONDIALE takes advantage of the European Sustainable Development Week 2017, from May 30th to June 5th, to raise awareness and put in place responsible actions on all three sites designed to become eco-friendly by 2020 (Mons in Baroeul, Grenoble and Esvres sur Indre). 

Connecting with this type of event allows the company to internally mobilize on the CSR issues. 

On the Mons in Baroeul site,  will be for example,  the set up of a scooter animation: the company will make scooters available for volunteer employees for a month. These scooters can be used on all employee journeys:  working from home, professionals  and everyday life. 

In order to encourage employees to participate, the company has used a number of internal communication channels: the group's national communication, the Actus Proximités (newspapers internal to each site), posters to promote the event on site. Volunteer employees in charge of  promoting and  ofencouraging actions linked to travel were also mobilized. 

Encouraged by an external stakeholder and the internal CSR team, a follow-up  was  proposed of the employees  at a halfway point  and a summary at the end of the animation.

Each participant gets a scooter on loan in addition to a €8 coupon if he wants to buy one for his daily travel. It is according to this purchase transformation rate of scooters that will judge the direction of the action's effectiveness.

An equivalent experiment was conducted at a major Parisian site during Mobility Week 2018.


  • 33 scooters loaned: 33 people ready to try to change forms of transport 
  • More than 60% used it daily and on a regular basis for the commute home
  • 48% is the conversion rate in scooter purchases 


  • Decrease in the number of parking spaces needed  and thus improving relations with the neighbors 
  • Contributing to the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to travel 
  • Better well-being at work 
10237 (2020)
28,3 Md € (2020)


14-16, boulevard Malesherbes
75008 PARIS


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