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ALGIST BRUGGEMAN (a subsidiary of the Lesaffre group) commits to becoming a "bike-friendly" company

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


As a global key player in yeasts and fermentation, Lesaffre designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for Baking, Food taste & pleasure, Health Care and Biotechnology. Family group born in northern France in 1853, now a multi-national and a multicultural company, Lesaffre employs 8 300 people. Its Belgian subsidiary, Algist Bruggeman, has launched a bicycle safety awareness programme for its employees.


  •  Reducing the number of accidents and increasing the safety of employees travelling to work by bicycle.
  •  Correcting unsuitable behaviour, supplying equipment that is adapted to employees.
  •  Convincing employees to use a means of transport to travel to work that is less polluting than a car, in full safety and working towards sustainable mobility. 


Algist Bruggeman is attentive to its environmental impact and keen to ensure the safety of employees. It has developed an awareness programme to encourage the use of cleaner transport in full safety.

The subsidiary has implemented an action plan for the safety of employees who travel to work by bicycle in order to become a "bike-friendly" company.

The aim is to encourage employees to use other means of transport than their cars. Facilities have been set up to store employees’ bikes and to allow them to take showers and dry their clothes. Emergency repair kits are available on site and a financial incentive of €0.22/km is paid to employees who travel to work by bike.

Every two years, the company organises a "Bicycle promotion day" and a "Family cycle Sunday" in order to encourage employees' families to get on their bicycles.

Best Practice spotted in 2015 by the World Forum for a Sustainable Economy.


  •  This action was only possible thanks to the commitment ofemployees. Thanks to this initiative, over 40% of company employeesoccasionally use another means of transport than their cars and over 20% of employees travel to work by bicycle on a daily basis. There havebeen no accidents on the home-workplace route this year.  
  •  All activities are organised using internal resources.
  •  The overall budget is made up of the bicycle promotion day, the family bike day and the financial incentive for cyclists.
  •  The creation of this initiative has allowed company results to improve andproductivity to increase, reduced the consumption of fossil fuels fromemployee travel to the workplace, improved corporate image andstrengthened customer confidence in the company.


  •  This programme for increasing awareness of cleaner transport allows employees who travel to work to reduce their CO² emissions from transport and encourages sustainable mobility.
  •  Employees arrive at work more relaxed and are therefore more productive.
160 salariés
71 millions d'euros

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