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Auchan supports the circular economy: giving our bottles a 2nd life!

4. Environment

Green design


In order to further popularize the act of sorting, through entertaining and innovative means, a PET bottle collection machine has been installed on Auchan supermarket parking lots throughout the Nord-Pas de Calais Region. All collected bottles are then transformed, and the new recycled raw material is used to manufacture new bottles.


  • Auchan, well experienced in approaches intended to promote the circular economy, was seeking to propose a new innovative service and boost awareness of the waste sorting method among both customers and local residents.
  • The motivation behind this action also lies in the premise of a 100% local and job-generating approach. Plus, use of a machine made entirely in France and a collection plant based in the Nord Region.


A partnership whereby the term "Circular Economy" couldn't be more appropriate, under the heading: "Giving our bottles a 2nd life!".The Roxane company, which produces and markets Cristaline water, is seeking to incorporate a recycling stream into its approach sponsoring technological innovations.The water bottles, returned after consumption to the Auchan collection station, are subsequently gathered by Ecopet, a local Nord-based firm created in April 2014.These bottles will be transformed into a new type of raw "rubber" material by Roxpet, a company set up in Lesquin 5 years ago.This new recycled raw material will make it possible to manufacture new water bottles at the Cristaline plant located on the St Léger site in Pérenchies.Cristaline will then supply its client stores in the region, including the original store at the point of collection.At present, 16 "ECOBOX" kiosks have been installed on Auchan partners' parking lots across the region. This machine proposes an innovative, educational and incentivizing alternative to improve recycling rates. Initiating the waste sorting method is rewarded in the form of coupons. This system combines the amusing aspect of selective sorting (a sort of modernized refundable bottle program) with an environmental protection twist ("To help preserve the environment, bring back your plastic bottles; we'll recycle them").


  • An effective synergy of experiences, technological innovations benefiting customers, and an environmental mission to reduce use of raw materials (oil) and emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • A one-of-a-kind partnership certified by the Eco-Packaging sector. From the outset, this effort entailed building a close and transparent relationship among all partners (Cristaline/Roxane, ECOPET and Auchan). A shared approach, common objectives, and a 100% local recycling rate serving the interests of the regional economy and job market.
  • 100% of the sorted bottles will be recycled in order to manufacture new bottles.
  • A sophisticated machine, designed and built in France, for enhanced efficiency.
60 570 (2014)
16.2 milliards € TTC (2014)

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