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BILLARDS TOULET's first eco-designing table

4. Environment

Green design


Founded in 1857 in Bondues, Billards Toulet manufactures and renovates billiard tables. In 2008, the company needed to innovate: the billiards market had evolved. Employee Marc-Alain Deledalle decided to buy the company and modernize its product range. He also adopted new production practices to relaunch the activity. The installation of a wood boiler in 2011, followed by the launch of an eco-designed billiard table, marked the development of a CSR approach at the company.


  •  Mobilize employees around the new strategy
  •  Take a position on a new market


In 2013, in an approach based on innovation and a strategic ambition to enter new markets, Billards Toulet launched production of an eco-designed billiard table.

For the launch of the eco-designed billiard table, the company first explained the project to its employees. Given its strategic importance, numerous meetings were then organized to develop the project. This built strong team spirit, and employees became much more attentive when receiving materials for the production of the billiard tables.

Thanks to the success of this approach, Billards Toulet has begun work on a new project: the development of a billiards table made from 100% recycled wood.
The same system will soon be applied to an eco-designed baby-football table.


•    Revenues for 2014: + 3M€ with 35% from exports.
•    Entry into a new market
•    20 eco-designed billiard tables sold
•    Strong involvement of employees


•    The products used are respectful of the environment
•    The project has raised employee awareness about sustainable development

32 salariés (2015)
3,1M€ (2014)


Chemin de la Chanterelle
59910 Bondues


Marc-Alain Deledalle, Gérant,, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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