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BONDUELLE’s integrated production programme for field-grown vegetables

4. Environment

Biodiversity and sustainable resource management


The Bonduelle group and its producers' organisations in Picardy revealed the results of their 6-year pilot project focused on field-grown vegetables. The results of the programme are encouraging, and reveal that it is possible to produce the same quantities of canned baby carrots, beans and peas, to the same quality and at the same price, while reducing the use of the products necessary to treat plants.



  • Significantly reducing the use of phytosanitary products used for the protection of vegetables
  • Preserve the water supply



The project relies on a network of 8 farms belonging to farmers who grow vegetables for the producers' organisations that supply Bonduelle factories. The pilot farms tested the technical and crop management innovations in real conditions. The farmers were supported by Bonduelle plain managers, advisers from Chambers of Agriculture and Agro Transfert. The approach encouraged exchanges and synergies.

The pilot programme is being extended as part of an Economic and Environmental Interest Grouping (EEIG) approved by the Ministry for Agriculture. The EEIG will focus its efforts on preserving the quality of the water in the Caix catchment area (Somme). The aim remains unchanged: optimised production and yield for farmers, a quality product accessible to consumers, and environmental protection of the land and resources.

Best Practice spotted by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy in 2012 and updated in 2015.


  • Anticipation: upstream preparation. Farmers and agronomy departments prepared for the changes in practices and regulatory constraints.
  • Maintaining competitiveness of yield per hectare.


  •  17% reduction in phytosanitary products in 2013 across the 8 pilot farms.
  •  Distribution to the industry of an alternative weeding guide.
  •  Increased autonomy of farms.
(2018-2019) : 14 589 collaborateurs
(2018-2019) : 2 777 millions deuros


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