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BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION's "New Generation" Buildings : Collaborative & Sustainable

4. Environment



Bouygues was created in 1952 by Francis Bouygues and is one of the biggest French diversified industrial groups. Its businesses focus on three sectors: construction, with Bouygues Construction (building, civil works, energy and services), Bouygues Immobilier (property) and Colas (roads), telecoms with Bouygues Telecom and media with TF1. The group has more than 130 000 collaborators with a current operating profit of 1,344 million euros for 2013. With the implementation of this new practice of “new generation” buildings, Bouygues responds to major environmental and social challenges our society faces.


  •  Environment : Decreasing the company’s negative effects on eco-systems
  •  Economic :  Improving the group’s appeal and developing the sustainable use of Bouygues’ products.
  •  Social : Complying with ethical principles, purchasing responsibly, helping with the development of local communities and protecting consumers health and safety.


The New Generation” buildings are made with friendly-environmentally materials and offer a whole range of innovative services (child-care services, caretakers lodge, tele-center and offices at disposal for parents…). They are also connected are therefore in line with the technology people use today.

In setting up this practice of « new generation » building, Bouygues had to conduct some changes inside its own company.

Information and training for the employees themselves. The group leads actions in order to inform them about the practice and train them accordingly to their environmental new standards.

- Environment /pollution : major changes in the group’s policy regarding environmental and pollution risks, recycling and waste management by developing considerably their labeled Ecosite construction sites.

Energetic transition : many initiatives like Embix, a service society created along with Alstom that specialized in energy management for green neighborhoods, or Hypervision, a software that pilots and tracks the energy performance of a building, or again Energy Pass, a tool that enables to measure precisely heat, water and electric consumption, and that guarantees the real energy performance of a building and raises awareness amongst users.

The "New Generation" Building are meeting the demand of customers concerning connected houses, better warming and ventilation systems, ..."

Best Practice spotted in 2014 by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.


Expected results :

  •  Growth in revenue or market share, profitability & productivity gains,
  •  Recognition outside the company through awards, certifications…etc
  •  Increase the reputation of the company since it gives high importance to environmental issues,
  •  Increase in their customers since they respect their health & safety


  •  Reduction of the company’s impacts on eco-system
  •  Waste management,
  •  Cutting-edge technique in positive-energy building (reduce the energy consumption),
  •  Creating local jobs
52 500
11,1 milliards deuros


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